Now Innova gives your pet more whole, fresh ingredients in the colors of the rainbow.

Innova’s upgrade provides a complete spectrum of nutritionally diverse ingredients. Reflecting the latest research, enriched formulas offer a rainbow of nutritious ingredients, from all five food groups, including high-quality protein from turkey and chicken.

Innova’s formulas now offer:

  • More poultry and fish*.
  • 100% whole grains to provide higher levels of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber compared to refined grains.
  • A greater variety of fruits and vegetables, including pears, blueberries, green beans and parsnips to provide a broad range of naturally occurring nutrients.
  • Modernized nutritional approach for senior dogs, including increased protein levels and fat guarantees. These changes reflect the latest research and address senior dogs’ need for more protein and higher palatability to counter a reduced sense of smell and taste.
  • Enriched “Low Fat” formulas renamed “Weight Management” to better reflect the complete body condition solutions they provide. Added L-carnitine, fiber from whole grains, and reduced fat help support the pet’s ideal body condition.

*Applies to Adult Dog, Senior Dog, Senior Plus Dog, Weight Management Dog, Large Breed Puppy, Large Breed Senior Dog, Cat, Kitten, and Weight Management Cat diets